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Once you have submitted your Request of Proposal (RFP), the review process begins. 


What should you do before you submit your RFP? 

Review your proposal thoroughly before you submit it. You can’t make edits after submitting it to us. 

  • Ensure correct spelling and calculations. 

  • Adhere to page limits, font and file-type requirements 

  • Include all required documents in the specified order 

  • Address all the criteria against which we will score your proposal 


Do not wait until the last minute to submit. There is no process to accept late proposals! 


When should you submit your proposal? 

You must submit your applications before the deadline. We recommend submitting it well in advance of that deadline. 


Why should you submit your application well in advance of the deadline? 

We will only consider you for funding if all documents are received via the approved method on or before the deadline date and time. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


What happens after you submit your proposal? 

After you submit your proposal, it will go through the following process: 

Proposal Screening 

  • We screen your application. 

  • It must be complete. 

  • It must show your organization is eligible. 

  • It must be responsive. 

  • We must receive it on time. 


Note: If your application is ineligible, incomplete, non-responsive, or late, it will not undergo technical review. And we won't consider it for funding. 

Technical Review 

  • A panel of independent experts reviews your application. 

  • Reviewers score your application based on evaluation criteria as outlined in the RFP. 

  • The review panel develops consensus statements identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each application. 


Note: If your application undergoes a technical review, we will provide you with a summary of the strengths, weaknesses, and comments after we make awards. 

Award Determination 

  • Using input from the technical review, the independent reviewers will determine who will receive awards. 

  • Ensure financial viability and compliance with program requirements. 

  • We make final decisions on or before the program start date. 


What happens once we determine awards? 

We issue a Notice of Award (NoA) for each application we select for funding. 

The NoA lays out: 

  • Project and budget period 

  • Amount of assistance 

  • Award terms and conditions 

  • Reporting requirements 

  • The NoA explains how we monitor your grant.  

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