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Quality Improvement 

Quality Improvement is an organizational approach to improving the quality of care and services through the use of specified principles and methodologies (e.g., leadership, staff involvement, teamwork, consumer involvement, a continuing cycle of improvement activities, and performance measurements). 

Quality Improvement Tools 




Performance Measurement 

HRSA defines performance measures as an indication of an organization’s performance in relation to a specified process or outcome. Performance measurement is a central component of the TRG CQM Program. Based on the needs of the community we serve, a subset of measures have been prioritized for our regional quality management program. The data is used to identify and prioritize QI projects, to routinely monitor the quality of care provided to consumers, and to evaluate the impact of changes made to improve the quality and systems of HIV care.  

  • TRG Performance Measures: (Link to document here) 

  • TRG Data Reports (PDF) 


Links and Resources: 

HRSA HAB HIV Performance Measures:  

Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII):  

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