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Clinical Quality Management 

Quality management under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) involves activities to improve client health outcomes. These efforts focus on establishing standards and systems to measure and improve performance.  

TRG Quality Management Program 

The goal of the Quality Management (QM) program and the plan is to strategically align with the National and State level goals of 90/90/90.  It is our vision that by working in a shared direction, the identified priorities will advance toward the universal goals of NHAS, Texas HIV Plan, and the Texas Achieving Together Plan. Our QM Program is aimed at the goals of (1) Reducing new infections; (2) Increasing access to care and improving health outcomes for PLWH; and (3) reducing HIV-related health disparities.  

TRG Quality Statement 

The Houston Regional HIV/AIDS Resource Group, inc. (TRG) Quality Management program will emphasize standards of care that systematically and comprehensively promote access to and retention in primary medical care and support services for optimal health outcomes.  The purpose of Quality Management Plan is to ensure that all consumers receiving services through funds administered by TRG obtain the highest quality of care, while ensuring efficient use of federal and state resources.  This is in support of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act 2009 (Public Law 111-87, October 30, 2009), Legislation Section 2604. (h)(5), 2618.(b)(3)(E), 2664.(g)(5) and 2671.(f)(2)©.  


Core principles of the TRG QM Program include but not limited to:  


  • Guide the development for effective processes for assessing the quality of care and support services to promote access to care and eliminate barriers and health disparities  

  • Establish a Person-centered care system through expanded consumer involvement in quality activities to lead to increased consumer engagement and improved health outcomes.   

  • Build capacity for QI within our Subgrantees to ensure that the delivery of services is equable, appropriate, and accessible for all people living with HIV.  

  • Identify areas of improvement through systematic monitoring, evaluating and continuously improving the quality of HIV care and services to positively impact RW consumers  


TRG Quality Management Plan  

  • Link to PDF of plan here.                


TRG Quality Improvement Committee 

TRG utilizes a project-wide quality committee to facilitate the continuous quality improvement process. This advisory board facilitates the service improvement process by conducting quarterly meetings in which QM activities and the review of outcome measures are discussed across to Eastern HASA.​ 


The role of the CQI Committee:​ 

  • The CQI Committee is responsible for defining, prioritizing, overseeing and monitoring improvement activities to better able initiate process change and use “evidence-based” practices to provide the  best quality of care possible​ 

  • Serves to promote collaborative relationships across our HASA in all matters relevant to clinical quality improvement​ 

  • Dissemination of quality initiatives locally to drive regional goals​ 


2022 Meetings and Materials (PDF’s below) 

February 2022 

May 2022 

August 2022 

November 2022 


The TRG Quality Management program is aligned and informed by the following associated plans: 

National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS)

2017-2021 Texas HIV Plan  


Additional Resources (Make titles the link) 


DSHS HIV/STD Clinical Quality Management Program:  


Description: The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) HIV/STD Clinical Quality Management (CQM) Program overview and resources.  


HRSA HAB HIV Performance Measures:  


Description: Performance measures to help Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program agencies monitor and improve the quality of care they deliver. 

Quality Managment Plan
Quality Management Committee
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